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Some nice pics from the Mirada site for the development of the intro sequence. Mostly posting because I recognize the Hallgrímskirkja and I see they’ve replaced Leif with a kaiju….

#this is what pushed the movie from Fun to Really Really Good for me #most other movies of this type are just like #”now - but with aliens!” #but here we actually see how society at large has reacted to kaiju becoming a part of everyday life #it’s a nice bit of realism to balance out the ”giant rock ‘em sock ‘em robots” concept

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There is a church devoted to Kaiju

There is a church devoted to Kaiju

hark the herald angels sing RARRRGLE BARGLE FRARRRRRR SMASH

This brings so much joy to me because do YOU SEE THIS DETAIL? DO YOU SEE THE REAL LIFE IMPACT? DO YOU SEE HOW THE KAIJU HAVE BLED INTO OUR SOCIETY? Sure it’s one thing to paint the Kaiju as the bad guys and have the giant robots kick ass, but it’s a whole different thing to have them fundamentally change life as we know it in every aspect- not just those who live on the coast or are directly involved with the kaiju.

Like, picture some kid just chilling in Chicago playing with their Yamarashi action figure while Onibaba stomps around Tokyo. Or some fashion designer in France creating an entire show centered around the beauty and danger of Kaiju- with obvious protests from those who know the terror and insensitivity of such a thing. Or even some wall street types in the city going crazy because their stocks are plummeting because through some long convoluted connections, fishing has ceased to exist as a viable source of food due to Kaiju blue.

THIS is why I find Pacific Rim so fascinating. Because despite the larger than life concepts of giant robots and aliens, it grounds itself in what is depicted as reality, as our actual lives.

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